Better method, more money. Much better method, much more money.

Billion Dollar Club (BDC) is all about taking your growth strategy to the next level. We've teamed with Oren Klaff, New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned expert on sales, raising capital and high-stakes negotiations, to deliver powerful, purpose-built programs designed to supercharge any existing professional business strategy.

Need a new approach to closing the deal? You've found it.

Looking for better tactics to unleash the potential of your products and services? You're in the right place.

Subject: I love you, Oren!!! Closed a $100M Deal

Thank you for being the trump card in helping me close the $100M Deal.
It is an exciting story from Pitch Anything to Flip the Script and finally closing the deal.
I love you man!

Satyaveer Paul

Are you ready to tear down your strategy and rebuild it with advanced methodologies carefully crafted to help you close every deal? Let's keep this simple. Billion Dollar Club is the key to unlocking proven techniques that will last a lifetime.

It's time to resupply your dealmaking arsenal with tools the masters have honed for decades to build empires. BDC has the know-how needed to turn cold contacts into clients. Get unlimited access to the world's best presentations and closing techniques and put the innovative S.T.R.O.N.G. method to work for you!

Billion Dollar Club is a technology-driven gamechanger offering access to world-renowned dealmaking expertise, unparalleled educational tools and a team of master coaches to help you disarm and capture the full attention of your buyers and competitors. Backed by the communications muscle of IBN (InvestorBrandNetwork), BDC is unlike anything you've seen before.

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